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When planning your cruise, choosing a stateroom is one of the most important decisions you will make. There are secrets to discovering the best cruise ship cabins, such as how to find:

  • Staterooms with oversized balconies
  • Cabins that are oddly shaped and have more room 
  • Cabins that are in a quieter area of the ship
  • Lower-priced staterooms in areas of the ship where the cabin stewards are likely to be some of the best on the ship has details on over 80,000 cruise ship cabins. To develop, we worked with travel professionals, and, talked with past cruisers to get their expertise and past experiences. We also developed some very cool technology that helps identify the best cruise ship cabins. Not only do we provide you tips on the best cruise ship cabins, we even give advice on which cabins you may want to avoid. This includes:

  • Cabins located near potentially loud areas like the disco, and, even a few occasionally surprising areas that you might not expect to be loud
  • Cabins near the anchor chain that, on some ships, can practically shake you out of your bed on days when the ship is anchoring at 6 AM!
  • Staterooms in high-traffic areas where a continuous stream of people might be walking, talking (and, in some cases, even running and yelling) as they pass by your stateroom door
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