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The Ultimate Resource for Cruise Ship Cabin Reviews and Deck Plans
Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive resource for cruise ship deck plans and reviews on over 80,000 cruise ship cabins. Finding the right cruise ship cabin is very important -- the wrong cabin (like right underneath the disco) can ruin your cruise vacation!

The Wisdom of Travel Professionals. The Power of First-Hand Experience.
DeckPlanGenius.com combines data provided by cruise lines, the expertise of some of the top cruise travel experts, the experiences of those who have actually been in a particular cabin, and technology that algorithmically identifies both positive and negative cabin attributes to create an invaluable tool for researching your cruise. Ongoing investments in adding additional end-traveller content, professional reviews and improved technology will ensure that we become an even more useful tool in the years ahead. 

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With over 25 years in various aspects of the travel industry, the CruiseLabs team are trusted innovators who are financially backed by multiple successful travel industry investors. If you have any questions about CruiseLabs, you are welcome to contact us. CruiseLabs is based in Texas.