Statendam Deck Plans

Statendam Deck Plans

Let us help you find the best cabins on the Statendam, and, stay away from the worst cabins on the Statendam!

Start to explore the Statendam Deck Plan by clicking on the deck name below. Once on the deck, you can click on each cabin to learn about Statendam cabin information, including, the amenities, the pros and cons of the cabin's location, and view Statendam stateroom pictures.

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Photo Courtesy of Holland America Line.

Statendam Decks

Click on a Statendam deck name to explore that deck.

Sky Deck (No cabins)

Sports Deck (No cabins)

Lido Deck (No cabins)

Navigation Deck (cabin #s 001 - O59)

Verandah Deck (cabin #s 100 - 220)

Upper Promenade Deck (No cabins)

Promenade Deck (No cabins)

Lower Promenade Deck (cabin #s 300 - 423)

Main Deck (cabin #s 500 - 698)

A Deck (cabin #s 700 - 848)

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