Carnival Victory Verandah Deck Cabin List

Looking for a specific stateroom number on the Carnival Victory's Verandah Deck? Here is a list of cabin numbers on the Verandah Deck of the Carnival Victory. Click on any cabin number to get a picture of the cabin, the amenities / features as well as the pros and cons of that Carnival Victory stateroom. The Carnival Victory's Verandah Deck is Deck 8.

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Carnival Victory Decks

Click on a Carnival Victory deck name to explore that deck.

Sky Deck (No cabins)

Sun Deck (No cabins)

Spa Deck (cabin #s 1101 - 1115)

Panorama Deck (cabin #s 1001 - 1067)

Lido Deck (cabin #s 9201 - 9294)

Verandah Deck (cabin #s 8201 - 8439)

Empress Deck (cabin #s 7201 - 7433)

Upper Deck (cabin #s 6201 - 6467)

Promenade Deck (No cabins)

Atlantic Deck (No cabins)

Lobby Deck (No cabins)

Main Deck (cabin #s 2201 - 2463)

Riviera Deck (cabin #s 1201 - 1437)