Carnival Dream Panorama Deck Plan

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The Panorama Deck onboard Carnival Dream is located on deck 11 and features 77 staterooms. Cabin numbers on the Panorama Deck of Carnival Dream range from 11201 - 11278.

Map for Panorama Deck

Below is the Carnival Dream interactive deck map for Panorama Deck. It is interactive - you can click on a cabin to explore the amenities, features and view a picture of the particular stateroom. To help you find the perfect cabin, there are even professional travel consultant insights on the pros and cons of each cabin!

Deck Plan Legend:
2 Upper
1 Upper
Twin Bed and Single Convertible Sofa
Twin Bed/King and Single Convertible Sofa
Twin Bed/King, Single Convertible Sofa and Upper
Twin Bed/King, Single Convertible Sofa and 2 Uppers
Twin Bed/King and Double Convertible Sofa
Connecting Staterooms (Ideal for families and group of friends)
Stateroom with 2 Porthole Windows
Twin beds do not convert to a king-size bed
Spa accommodations include private access, special amenities and priority reservations at the Cloud 9 Spa. Cloud 9 Spa accommodations are non-smoking.

Carnival Dream Cabin 11201Carnival Dream Cabin 11202Carnival Dream Cabin 11203Carnival Dream Cabin 11204Carnival Dream Cabin 11205Carnival Dream Cabin 11206Carnival Dream Cabin 11207Carnival Dream Cabin 11208Carnival Dream Cabin 11209Carnival Dream Cabin 11210Carnival Dream Cabin 11211Carnival Dream Cabin 11212Carnival Dream Cabin 11214Carnival Dream Cabin 11215Carnival Dream Cabin 11216Carnival Dream Cabin 11217Carnival Dream Cabin 11218Carnival Dream Cabin 11219Carnival Dream Cabin 11220Carnival Dream Cabin 11221Carnival Dream Cabin 11222Carnival Dream Cabin 11223Carnival Dream Cabin 11224Carnival Dream Cabin 11225Carnival Dream Cabin 11226Carnival Dream Cabin 11227Carnival Dream Cabin 11228Carnival Dream Cabin 11229Carnival Dream Cabin 11230Carnival Dream Cabin 11231Carnival Dream Cabin 11232Carnival Dream Cabin 11233Carnival Dream Cabin 11234Carnival Dream Cabin 11235Carnival Dream Cabin 11236Carnival Dream Cabin 11237Carnival Dream Cabin 11238Carnival Dream Cabin 11239Carnival Dream Cabin 11240Carnival Dream Cabin 11241Carnival Dream Cabin 11242Carnival Dream Cabin 11243Carnival Dream Cabin 11244Carnival Dream Cabin 11245Carnival Dream Cabin 11246Carnival Dream Cabin 11247Carnival Dream Cabin 11248Carnival Dream Cabin 11249Carnival Dream Cabin 11250Carnival Dream Cabin 11251Carnival Dream Cabin 11252Carnival Dream Cabin 11253Carnival Dream Cabin 11254Carnival Dream Cabin 11255Carnival Dream Cabin 11256Carnival Dream Cabin 11257Carnival Dream Cabin 11258Carnival Dream Cabin 11259Carnival Dream Cabin 11260Carnival Dream Cabin 11261Carnival Dream Cabin 11262Carnival Dream Cabin 11263Carnival Dream Cabin 11264Carnival Dream Cabin 11265Carnival Dream Cabin 11266Carnival Dream Cabin 11267Carnival Dream Cabin 11268Carnival Dream Cabin 11269Carnival Dream Cabin 11270Carnival Dream Cabin 11271Carnival Dream Cabin 11272Carnival Dream Cabin 11273Carnival Dream Cabin 11274Carnival Dream Cabin 11275Carnival Dream Cabin 11276Carnival Dream Cabin 11277Carnival Dream Cabin 11278

Best Cabins on Carnival Dream's Panorama Deck

Based on the opinions of cruise professionals and feedback from past cruisers, some of the best cabins on Carnival Dream's Panorama Deck include:
  • Based upon deck plan analysis, cabins 11215 and 11221 have over-sized balconies and more living space.
  • Cabins 11204 and 11203 are larger than standard, forward-facing suites.
Cabins on Carnival Dream's Panorama Deck that may have potential drawbacks include...
  • Cruise line descriptoins indicate that cabins 11278 and 11277 have partially obstructed views.

Carnival Dream Panorama Deck Cabin List

Looking for a specific stateroom number on Carnival Dream's Panorama Deck? Click here to view whole list of cabin numbers on Carnival Dream's Panorama Deck.

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Carnival Dream Decks

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Spa Deck (cabin #s 12201 - 12225)

Panorama Deck (cabin #s 11201 - 11278)

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Vista Deck (cabin #s 9201 - 9481)

Verandah Deck (cabin #s 8201 - 8479)

Empress Deck (cabin #s 7201 - 7467)

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